Many internationally player as cruise line, docking and shipyards, are utilizing the services of WIFORCE.

Since being established, much of the success achieved is attributed to work ethic, professionalism, and safe workmanship delivered by WIFORCE employees. They are all highly experienced and trained persons.

We successfully carries out:

  • hull construction and repair
  • mooring machinery installation
  • naval outfitting supply and installation
  • piping installation, repair and maintenance
  • installation of fire fighting system
  • Low & Hight electrical istallation
  • Routine maintenance of the decks, hull and restructure, paintng, removing rust accumulations etc.

Supply & mounting on board :

  • Mounting & supply Catwalk
  • windows and side scuttles pian
  • Safety line
  • Vertical escape ladders
  • Mounting & supply Antintrusion grids
  • Manholes
  • Hndrail
  • Rail window washing machine
  • Satellite antennas base plate
  • Fork lift
  • Supports far dressing flag winch
  • Pilot ladder
  • Spare anchor basement
  • Travelling beam inside the bunker stations
  • Mounting and test of window washing system
  • Windows and side scuttles
  • Flag mast
  • Mounting and testing desk scuttle or manholes
  • Mounting man overboard life ring support on the bridge wing
  • Lashing system far forklift
  • Windlass
  • Spare anchor basement
  • Bow telescopie mast

Cruise ship Interior design & Refurbishing

lnterior and Exterior fitting supply

WIFORCE ITALIA has taken part in the realisation of the most prestigious cruise ships, luxury hotel in Venice and Museum in Venice.

The company’s structure assures a complete and flexible service going from assembly on site, making sure that the architectural project is carried out completely and faithfully.

Refitting and refurbishing

WIFORCE ITALIA is available far all ship’s refitting and refurbishing needs around the world.

The areas of our competence are: complete fitting and refitting (also with “turn-key” formula) of common areas and cabins.

  • Supply , assembly & mantenance of furniture elements and accessories
  • Furniture carpentry
  • Special decorations
  • Wall and ceiling panels, floors, doors
  • Toilet fittings and accessories
  • Houselighting lights, special and decorative lamps

WIFORCE ITALIA works only with materials strictly complying with naval register rules and standards (ISO – IMO – SOLAS).

Scrubber – Exaus gas cleaning technology


The lnternational Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted stricter regulations on emissions, most prominently restrictions on Sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions, that will come into force first of January 2020. Ship owners around the world now need to adopt solutions to lower the exhaust emissions and improve fu el efficiency.


WIFORCE has been partner as a sub-contractors in exhaust gas scrubber installations on board of three cruise ships.

WIFORCE have managed the turnkey projects since the early, with extensive experience in working in challenging conditions, have travel to the location of the cruise ship and work both on board and in dry dock. We have conducted pipe prefabrication, pipe installation, steel works for the new tanks and installation of the scrubbers and the electrical equipment.

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