WIFORCE Group srl

WIFORCE is a service provider supplying qualified personnel and contract services to the ship, onshore, and offshore industry in Europe.

Since the company’s establishment in 2008, ship and rig owners, subcontractors and yards in Europe have made WIFORCE their source for qualified services. This is attributed to the experience, work ethic, skill, and safety focus of all employees, in the field and back at the home offices.

To meet requirements in the most important shipyard and offshore repair industry, WIFORCE ​​is strategically located in Italy, Romania, and Croatia.

WIFORCE srl is part of a group of operating companies, which provide access to more advanced technologies, an extensive commercial development, and focus on the execution of national and international projects.


Our policy is ‘Safety First’.
It is the core value in everything we do. We have to do the job properly the first time we do it – every time!


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